About Dakani Adab Foundation

The Dakani Adab Foundation is Non Profit Making Company (CIN : U80903PN2019NPL181202) organizes the annual Deccan Literature Festival in Pune. Throughout year various programs of Literature , Music and art are also arranged by Dakani Adab Foundation. We are committed to the the cause enhancing composite culture of country through promotion of Literature, Music and Art. This is the second year of annual grand festival of Deccan Literature Festival.

Promotion of literature in Urdu and other language

To promote spread, organize seminars and gatherings for said purpose.

To promote, Research, printing, publishing and publishing old books, texts in Urdu and other languages.

Documenting of new literary works, audio recording, and recording, to make efforts for the development of financially vulnerable literary dependent people, efforts at all levels.

Possibly for effective implementation of existing legislation in Urdu and other language literature.